The Homestead Resort Celebrates 250 Years of Southern Hospitality

Founded in 1766, The Omni Homestead Resort is celebrating its 250th anniversary in delicious fashion: cake and craft beer.

Executive Pastry Chef Oscar Bonelli has been tasked with creating a beautiful cake every day this year, each being a different flavor than the previous. The combination for the January 1 kick-off was red velvet cake with chocolate cream cheese and pecans. Just imagine 366 days of cake … Oh, to be a taste-tester.

Homestead “250” Ale will debut January 9 in the Mountain Lodge. This brand new Virginia craft beer is produced by Heritage Brewing in Manassas especially for The Omni Homestead Resort.

Widely known as and considered “America’s First Resort,” The Homestead has welcomed international dignitaries, royalty, United States presidents, and celebrities into the halls of unparalleled southern hospitality. Indeed, it is “the birthplace of southern hospitality.”

Perhaps 2016 and this monumental anniversary is the year you pledge your life to another? Consider The Homestead for your wedding. In the meantime, eat cake and drink Virginia craft beer!

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