10 Virginia Corn Mazes, Haunted Fields, Trails, and Forests that Will Give You Nightmares

If you thought corn mazes were wholesome family fun, you’re right. But there’s a darker side for those who really get into Halloween and the scare factor.

Allow us to introduce you to these 10 Virginia corn mazes, haunted fields, trails, and forests that will give you nightmares. Approach with caution.

  1. Gallows Dead Oak Hollow | Elliston, VA

Scarecrow’s Harvest is the corn maze you pray to make it out of when you head to Gallows Dead Oak Hollow, but there are four other freaky-scary attractions that await, too. Choose your course of spine-tingling adventure carefully.

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2. Layman Family Farms Haunted Harvest Cornfield | Blue Ridge, VA

By day, Layman Family Farms is everything you’d hope an October day on the farm would be: pumpkin patch, corn maze … a festive harvest. However, nightfall brings a mysterious chill. The corn rustles in the dark and your adrenaline shoots through the roof. The undead and gruesome creatures dash and dart about until you wonder if you’ll make it out alive. Just breathe and walk.

3. Haunted Hunt Club Farm | Virginia Beach, VA

The Village of the Dead at Hunt Club Farm is the home of the Sandman, and if you think he’s bring you a dream … think again. The Sandman’s Secret Society do his dirty deeds of turning sweet dreams into wicked nightmares.

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4. The Haunted Hill | Partlow, VA

If you have an intense fear of clowns, you’ll want to stay away from The Haunted Hill. It all starts with an innocent hayride, but what’s to come is far from a fun-filled night of laughs with friends.


5. Old Crow Horror Show at Lloyd Family Farms | Rockville

I’ve picked pumpkins with my children at Lloyd Family Farms and can vouch for their family-friendly appeal. However, the Old Crow Horror Show is another matter entirely. Be ready for anything as “twisted animals and demented farmers come out to play.” EEK!


6. Haunted Farm at Historic Greenbrier Farm Nurseries | Chesapeake, VA

You guys … there are FIVE haunts in one at Haunted Farm:

  • Dr. Eason’s Horror Chambers
  • The Killing Corn
  • GB66 The Burial Grounds
  • Your Last Hayride
  • El Camino De Los Diablos

You had me at “The Killing Corn.”

7. Fields of Fear at Cox Farms | Centreville, VA

An ensemble of frights await at Fields of Fear, including Cornightmare™, The Forest: Back 40, and Dark Side Hayride. All are intense and not for the faint of heart.

8. Fear Forest and Fear Crops | Harrisonburg, VA

A two-for-one deal will lead you to plenty of frights and a zombie shooting fest. Bring your best Rick and Darryl impersonations and make The Walking Dead dead.

9. Scream Forest | Glen Allen, VA

A haunted trail that leads to a fun house maze that’s anything but fun is what you can expect at Scream Forest. This is another big clown attraction, so beware.

10. Haunted Hollow | Warrenton, VA

An abandoned farm is just about as creepy as an abandoned house. Follow the trail around the farm and into the barns for what could be the fright of your life.


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