Two Places in Virginia that Feel a World Away

Who doesn’t want to get away from it all? These two destinations will honestly make you feel like you’re off the map, and in the very best way possible.

The Wise Cabin
Virginia Coast Reserve

Along the marsh of the Eastern Shore and only accessible by kayak is the 100-year-old Wise Cabin, a vacation experience offered by SouthEast Expeditions in Cape Charles.

Originally built as something of a stake-out for fishermen guarding their grounds, this cabin is one of the few survivors dating from the early 1900s and is only available a few weekends each year. Talk about exclusive.

The Wise Cabin. Courtesy of SouthEast Expeditions.
Each cabin experience is customized to whatever your vacationing heart desires. Two nights (at a minimum) are required and the rates start at $595 per person. It’s awesome for an adventurous couple, a father-son getaway, or a guys weekend, since it sleeps four comfortably.

The best part (can there be just one?) of a waterman’s cabin experience is it’s all inclusive. The per-person rate includes meals, your guide, and equipment.

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Golden Eagle Treehouse
Meadows of Dan

If you haven’t heard of this crown jewel of Primland Resort, it’s okay. It’s only five years old, but now you know. Once you know, you gotta go.

Named for a Golden Eagle that calls the 12,000-acre property home, the studio style red cedar treehouse wraps gracefully around an old Oak tree, just as French architects La Cabane Percheé planned. Perhaps most impressive is the lack of a single nail or bolt in the tree. It’s an engineering feat that guests and the Oak benefit from.

Golden Eagle Treehouse. Courtesy of Primland Resort.
The private deck overlooks the Dan River Gorge, offering the most serene mountain position one could hope for to enjoy a cup of coffee or glass of wine.

No detail has been overlooked at the Golden Eagle. Luxurious linens, robes, slippers, and bath products are ready and awaiting your arrival. Additional amenities include a beverage center with Keurig, flat panel television, and soaking tub. Not enough? How about the four wheel drive vehicle that delivers you to and from the treehouse? It’s included.

Golden Eagle is one of a collection of treehouses at Primland, all built for couples. No children or pets are permitted. Rates vary by season.

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