Virginia’s Best Hot Chocolate

What’s your standard for an excellent cuppa hot chocolate? Smooth, creamy, frothy, chocolatey? I’ve been digging around to see who loves what where, and as it turns out, there are a few lists of “best hot chocolate” in Virginia.

According to Jennie Tai of The Hungry Muse, Virginia’s best frozen hot chocolate can be found in Culpeper at Raven’s Nest Coffee House. She said their 10-cocoa frozen hot chocolate is “like taking a sip of sweet, liquified fudgsicles.” Maybe hang onto that bit of knowledge for when it warms up.

Style Weekly‘s critics’ pick for the best hot chocolate in Richmond is Can Can Brasserie in Carytown. An upscale French café, you can expect exceptional everything here. Style says, “It isn’t just a hot drink, it’s dessert in a cup.” Count me in!

If you’re headed to Williamsburg, a stop at R. Charlton’s Coffeehouse in Colonial Williamsburg in mandatory. Travel + Leisure included theirs as one of America’s Best Hot Chocolates, describing it as “spicy, unsweetened hot chocolate reminiscent of the chocolate beverage served on the site 250 years ago.” Spicy and unsweetened. Must be an acquired taste, kind of like dark chocolate …

Those living in and traveling through Northern Virginia will want to check out the list by Red Tricycle for the Best Local Spots for Hot Chocolate. Their mentions include Arlington’s NiceCream Factory, Boccato, and Bayou Bakery, two ice cream shops-turned-hot-cocoa-havens and a NOLA inspired deliverer of sugar highs, respectively. At NiceCream, the recommendation is to try the Nutella Hot Chocolate. Hazelnut lovers, rejoice!

Where do you get your hot chocolate fix in Virginia? Leave a comment to share the secret. If you have a recipe for homemade hot chocolate, you can share that, too. Please and thanks!

Feature Image: Can Can Brasserie’s Peanut Butter Pie Hot Chocolate

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